Apr 26, 2014
Door Time: 3:00 PM
Presented By: The Leechpit, RXP 103.9, What's Left Records

Day: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Door Time: 3:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $10
Day Of Show Price: $10
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Lamestock festival featuring local bands and proceeds gong to LGBT youth!

Take It To 88
Take It To 88Pop punk band from Denver, CO.


Hopeful Loring


Disguise the Silence
Disguise the SilenceRemove the production value from what you hear on the radio these days. Strip away the meaningless lyrics, the stolen melodies, and the catchy beat to distract you from the lack of substance, and what do you have? Silence. We refuse to disguise it, and choose instead to fill it with honesty. Its an honor to share these songs with you.

Knight In Colors
Knight In ColorsWe all have been playing music for a long time now. We want to play music for a long time coming. We all have different interests in our music and that provides for an interesting band dynamic.
We're all honest with each other, and we all work well together. That's a happy band.
We've been lucky enough to play with Grant Sabin, The Flumps, The Mostly Dont's and other great local acts.
Come have a drink and see us play live. We'll have fun together.

These Hands
These Hands

The Photo Atlas - 7" Release Show
The Photo Atlas - 7The Photo Atlas is a high-powered, enterprising alternative rock band hailing from Denver, Colorado. Melding together the fast tempo and blistering guitars of punk rock, with the undeniable edginess of indie rock and the perfectly punctual melodies of dance rock, The Photo Atlas truly delivers one of the most unique sounds in the industry. Top that off with intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics belted out by Andrews’ one-of-a-kind voice and you have an absolutely unstoppable band. Formed in 2004, the band is the creation of longtime childhood friends and gifted musicians Andrews, Threlkeld, and Hawkins, whose only goal was to create and share the music that dwelled in their souls. After experimenting with different drummers, the band solidified its lineup with the addition of Taylor at the beginning of 2011 and The Photo Atlas has never sounded better.
A do-it-yourself band in the purest sense of the words, The Photo Atlas has never required the assistance of anyone else in the industry. A stint on Stolen Transmission Records in 2007 saw the release of their first full length album "No, Not Me, Never" and the band busted out on to the national scene. Shortly after the label went under, and the band had no problem returning to its independent roots. Playing by their own rules, sticking to their tough musical standards, and never compromising their art or passion, the men of The Photo Atlas can proudly say that they have consistently and unfalteringly followed their hearts throughout their entire career- and it has paid off. In 2009 they released the cleverly titled "To Silently Provoke The Ghost" EP which received a hard-to-beat four star review in Alternative Press magazine.
The Photo Atlas has received countless awards and recognitions, both regionally and nationally, including snagging a spot on SXSW’s “Best 100 Bands to Watch” compilation; being featured as the Band Of The Day on Spin.com; getting listed in AP Magazine’s “22 Best Underground Bands That Won’t Stay Underground For Long”; being chosen as one of the top 100 “Feed the Beat” bands by Taco Bell; winning Westword’s “Best Post Punk Band” four years in a row; and becoming a finalist in KTCL’s Hometown For The Holidays. The Photo Atlas has also performed numerous times at the famed SXSW Music Conference in Austin and CMJ in New York, as well as at the Winter X-Games, Mile High Music Festival, Monolith Music Festival, and Vans Warped Tour. In addition, the charismatic artists have shared the stage with powerhouse bands such as Jet, The Bravery, Portugal. The Man, Neon Trees, Tokyo Police Club, and many, many more.
2012 included three extraordinary shows at SXSW, during which the band dazzled every last person in Austin, the band continued on to complete an incredible east coast tour. Touted for their magnificent live performance, The Photo Atlas never disappoints an audience, giving every show 110% and leaving nothing behind on stage but shoe scuffs and sweat drops. The band came back to Colorado and finished up their brand new full length album, "Falling For A Honeytrap", which will unleash some of their fastest, boldest, most dance worthy tracks to date. Delving into the world of synthesizers and keyboards, the new music of the Photo Atlas takes a walk on the darker side, while still retaining the fun, upbeat attitude of records past. Due for release early 2013. The band also was awarded the Independent Music on Tour program from the state of Colorado. Now with the state behind them, the forthcoming release, coupled with a daring new music video and an undoubtedly packed tour schedule, 2013 promises to crystalize The Photo Atlas’ dominant position in the music scene and ensure ever-growing success.


The Feeling of Falling
The Feeling of FallingAltitude changes and climate fluctuations have no affect on local band The Feeling Of Falling™ (Formerly Storylines) as they climb their way to the top of the local music scene. With a truly unique sound that is sure to leave you impressed, the band dedicates their time to writing and producing great music. While maintaining an upbeat, catchy, and passionate sound; the lyrics in their songs remain raw and emotional, thus creating a personal connection between the members and their fans. From Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Feeling Of Falling™ has had their fair share of experiences, having already been featured in Colorado Springs music newspaper "The Riff Rag" and having their songs featured on 103.9 RXP.

As reflected on their Facebook page, the number of fans increases each day. Their single ‘Firefly’, is streaming on their page and has been getting great reviews since it made its appearance on RXP in August of 2013. 

The year of 2014 will be the year of The Feeling Of Falling™.


RXP's Colorado Native Showcase with Sound Studies
RXP's Colorado Native Showcase with Sound StudiesSOUND|STUDIES is a Colorado Springs, CO based rock band. Motivated creatively by a wide variety of acts ranging from Randy Newman to Rage Against The Machine. SOUND|STUDIES has a very diverse set of influences that all have one thing in common – catchy hooks and raw, unfiltered lyrics.

Brandon Metz and Ryan May began making music together in 1995 – before they were even able to drive. Addicted to writing music, the two amassed a large collection of songs in their first 6 years of playing together in their original band, leer. Disbanding in 2001, the two would continue to play music in different parts of the country, eventually returning to Colorado Springs in 2012 where they would form their next musical project, SOUND|STUDIES in August of 2012.

Best described as a rock band with alternative roots, SOUND|STUDIES music is dynamic. Overdriven guitars may populate one song while the next features slow, tremolo laced riffs. Brandon’s lyrics are clever, emotional and often peppered with sarcasm. Each song tells a story, many are true, some are fiction – all inspired by life. Currently performing as a three-piece, their live sound is full, powerful and articulate.

The band is finishing it’s debut EP titled “late nights, early mornings” that it will release in December of 2013.


MooncrusherTwo guys playing some stuff.

FosterWe are Foster. Stop by give us a listen and let the euphoria set it.

AnterroirAnterroir was formed in 2010 in Denver, Colorado in an attempt to play the music they wanted to hear. They released a four track EP in 2012 titled "Home Is Nowhere" to introduce themselves to the music scene. After solidifying their lineup, they released a full length album titled "No Sense Of Place" in fall 2014."

So Long, Goodnight
Members of Why They Fight

Night Of The Living Shred
Night Of The Living ShredTwo dudes from a mountain town shredding in the cold dark night realizing that 30 packs of evil eye wouldn't do the trick anymore decided to check out the local toxic dump ran by none other than the evil lionel rivera. They decided to see if that sweet smelling green liquid would do them any better.They broke in and with no hesitation decided to induldge... After being so wasted and blinded by the louies anchovies and jalapeno pizza, toxic sweetness, and massive amounts of weed..named after the medieval chess player himself, they failed to realize the outbreak. Their party time was ruined. Being distracted by the immense amount of horrifying hippie jam band zombies also a particular undead with a shitty sounding acoustic guitar and a v-neck t-shirt reading "i Wrote Cassadaga" Sir shreds alot was bitten in the right asscheek then told Mr. Hypercans Blastoid he would not be left in this world of shit alone so he made a pact with blastoid to dominate the zombie universe and create the the full assault that is night of the living shred.

We Are Not A Glum Lot
We Are Not A Glum LotWe Are Not a Glum Lot is a 4 piece indie/math/pop/ band from Colorado Springs Colorado. The group consists of Zac Blum on Bass, John Carey on Drums, David Musante on Guitar, and Singer/Guitarist Sam Erickson. The 4 piece formed after the members met as freshman in high school, quickly bonding over similar tastes in music. Shortly before the band's formation, drummer John Carey overcame a bout with cancer,resulting in the Make-a Wish foundation gifting a drumset to John. The band quickly generated buzz in their home town shortly after their formation due to their young age juxtaposed with their musical prowess. In 2012, the group was named "Best Indie-Rock Band" by the Colorado Springs Independent." Their style is often said to be a modern take on the Art Rock sound of the late 80's and 90's. Now in their early College years, the boys cite Modest Mouse, Foals, Explosions in the Sky, the Smiths, and the Strokes to be some of their main influences. With youth and the skill-set of musicians exponentially older than them working in their favor, the potential for the band seems almost endless.

MtnsRyan, Garrett, and Duncan began writing music together in many different bands, with many different names, during high school. After spending the winter laying the ground work for Mtns, they picked up Anthony Ganis (ex-Warrington Station) on bass guitar, completing the lineup for Mtns.

Bad Maps
Bad MapsMatt Brozowski and Luke Randazzo started writing the original framework for Bad Maps' early material in the first quarter of 2011. Bassist Rob Ranney and pianist Billy Overton joined the line-up in late summer of that year. The band released their debut EP on the twentieth of May, 2012, and have since been playing frequent shows, building a loyal fan-base, and tightening their unique style. Alongside their newest addition, Paul Buscarello, Bad Maps entered the studio to begin producing their first full-length album in the fall of 2013. They released Dead Languages on October 21st, 2014. Purchase the album now at badmaps.bandcamp.com

Dreamghostsome kid from colorado

Dive Theory
Dive TheoryA band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We tend to take a lot of influence from progressive, experimental and math rock. We'll start recording soon!