Jul 3, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $7
Day Of Show Price: $10
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Mouth Of The Serpent


ApparitionsApparitions is a metal band from Phoenix, AZ. Started by members of Knights Of The Abyss, Griffin Kolinsk, and Brian Mcnulty, along with Winston Weems (Giants Among Us) back in Spring 2011 as a side project, the band has turned into something they want to pursue in a more serious effort. They released an EP in December 2011 "The Human Collapse" with vocalist Griffin Kolinski at the engineering helm, and mixing/mastering duties handled by Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions (Within The ruins, And Hell Followed With, Knights Of The Abyss) out of Detroit, MI. The collaborative effort for the album artwork was done by Merek Davis and Daniel Wagner. The band will be expected to release another EP this Fall/early Winter(2012) and has hopes of hitting the road soon there after.

Vital Malice
Vital MaliceFounded in the summer of 2006 by former member Bryan "Ty" Lynn, Vital Malice is a Colorado Springs based Groove Metal band that incorporates a variety of other metal genres. They first came on the scene in August of 2007, and in Feburary 2008, released their first full-length album titled "Step One: Feed the Masses" with Konkshoo Records and are currently working on their second album titled "Fear Campaign".

Try Redemption
Try RedemptionFor the better part of the last decade, Try Redemption proved how far a DIY metal band can go. Recordation and mass replication of three full length albums, a vast array of merchandise, a constant mentality to out-song-write themselves, and several festivals and shows spanning across the entire country; all completely self financed and with no lineup changes. As the saying goes, “Nothing good lasts forever,” so it was in late 2009 that original vocalist, Hammer, left the band and was replaced by someone who would help Try Redemption continue to push the envelope in the constantly changing and challenging market of the metal industry.

Try Redemption formed in 2000 as a combination of two high school garage bands. The unique chemistry this collaboration created was instantly recognized and praised in the local scene. With the pummeling drumming barrage of James Peterson and jazz infused bass lines of Chris Walter, the foundation for a signature sound was set. Coupled with the twin assault of rich riff oriented guitar lines from John Peterson and Jon Daigle, and the horror inducing growl of Chris “Hammer” Walker, an aggressive, yet captivating demonstration of metal began making its way to larger audiences. But the highlight of Try Redemption is their live performance. Believing in the idea that audiences pay admission to “see” a show, they consistently deliver a high energy, attention getting show that wins audiences over every time – including those at the 2004 Milwaukee Metal Fest, the 2006 Louder, Harder, Faster Festival, and the 2007 Northwest Deathfest.

The mantra of this Colorado based metal quintet has always been to embrace a broad range of metal songwriting styles, as recognizable on the first two LPs “Confessions of a Tortured Soul” (2003) and “Prey For Us Sinners” (2005). However, with the third album, “Resurrection Of Reason” (2007) and the opportunity to record with world renown engineer Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Diskreet, Satan’s Host, Martriden, Allegaeon) the glass ceiling was truly broken. Tracks like “Resurrection”, “Blind Faith”, and “Soaked In Blood” span the genre gamut from melodic to groove to all out death. Now with the addition of singer Brian McDaniel, the band forges yet another element to their signature sound: choicely placed clean vocal hooks.