May 11, 2013
Door Time: 7:30 PM

Day: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Door Time: 7:30 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $5
Day Of Show Price: $7
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The Mailbox Conspiracy
Harrison Parham and Nathan Whittington started in a band called "Difference" which was made up of 4 people, Harrison, Nathan, Aaron Donison, and Noah Kilman. Harrison was the bass player, Nathan was the singer, Aaron played guitar, and Noah played drums. Soon finding that we were horrible, we kicked Nathan out of the band. After a few months, things happened and we broke up because of genre disagreements. During this time, Nathan started a band called Half Past Dark with Marshall Casebeer. Along with Nathan and Marshall, this band featured Ethan Powell, Tim Lovewell and Noah Sobek. However, after starting the band, Nathan promptly quit the band because the only other person he totally agreed in the band was Marshall. Half Past Dark continued on until Marshall officially joined Swing Set after the first back-yard-bash.... Yeah.... We originally called ourselves Swing Set. (pretty stupid, huh?) After realizing that it made us sound like a swing band or something we changed it to... City Sounds...then realizing that sounded like a gay radio station or something with smooth jazz on it, we decided to change it. One dark, stormy night we decided to change our name to The Mailbox Conspiracy, and so we did. We released our Paper Love CD, and it wasn't actually that great. But we're working on a demo now, and it's gonna be a ton better. Seriously, if you're still reading this, just go ahead and like our page

The Ragetones
The RagetonesThe Ragetones is a ska-punk band that originates in Pueblo West. Jesse and Tre' started out as a dynamic duo, praying for more members, holding on to the very idea of the band with dear life. They cycled through tons of instrumentalists, trumpets, bassists, drummers, and trombones alike, with no luck of any of them sticking around. Then, with great fortune, Izaiah Perea came along and became our b
assist, the best punk bassist around! They really hit it off with Izaiah and rocked their first show as a trio. A couple months passed, and the band couldn't believe its luck. Within the very short span of a couple weeks, The Ragetones added George as our guitar/sound tech, Matt as our supalegit trumpeteer, Ryan as our drum machine and Kameron as the trigger master. After 6 months with The Ragetones, George decided to part ways leaving the group at 6 strong. Jesse is again on the guitar and so far, the combination of all these fine players is turning out to be a great success! The Ragetones have had the opportunity to share the stage with well-known acts like No 1 Left Standing, Reno Divorce and Tomorrow's Bad Seeds!